Administrative and judicial proceedings ra 9135

In addition to the foregoing provisions, the following Rules shall apply in respect to the goods referred to therein: Other contraband of commercial value and capable of legitimate use may be sold under such restrictions as will insure its use for legitimate purposes only; but if the thing is unfit for use or the Collector is of the opinion that, if sold it would be used for unlawful purposes, it may be destroyed in such manner as the Collector shall direct.

Coffins or urns containing human remains, bones or ashes, used personal and household effects not merchandise of the deceased person, except vehicles, the value of which does not exceed ten thousand pesos P10, Samples to be Furnished by Protesting Parties. The Secretary shall, within sixty 60 days after receipt of the report of the Commission, decide whether the article in question is being imported in violation of this section and shall give due notice of such decision and shall direct the Commissioner of Customs to cause the dumping duty, to be levied, collected and paid, as prescribed in this section, in addition to any other duties, taxes and charges as prescribed in this section, addition to any other duties, taxes and charges imposed by law on such article, and on the articles of the same specific kind or class subsequently imported under similar circumstances coming from the specific country.

Administrative Agency

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Provided, That in cases where the Collector decides to waive imposition of any surcharge in excess of one hundred pesos in any entry, his action shall be subject to review by the Commissioner. That upon the expiration of the period prescribed above, duties and taxes shall be paid, unless otherwise re-exported.

Authority to Require Assistance. Provided, further, That if any of the said films is exhibited for profit, the proceeds therefrom shall be subject to confiscation, in addition to the penalty provided under Section Thirty-six hundred and ten as amended, of this Code; j.

Nothing in this section shall preclude the bringing of criminal action against the offender.


The actual use of the imported materials in the production or manufacture of the article exported with their quantity, value, and amount of duties paid thereon, having been established; chan robles virtual law library 2. All brokers are required to keep at their principal place of business, in the manner prescribed by regulations to be issued by the Commissioner of Customs and for a period of three 3 years from the date of importation copies of the above mentioned records covering transactions that they handle.

Provided, That in justifiable cases, or when public interest so requires, the Collector may, in his discretion, grant an extension of not more than fifteen days. Administrative Rule-Making main article: Bases of Dutiable Weight. Provided, That this exemption shall not apply to articles intended for other persons or for barter, sale or hire: While our focus is proactive and designed to avoid problems before they occur, we are also adept at managing legal issues if difficulties arise.

Managing internal investigations of all types, including those stemming from allegations of documentation or billing irregularities, unethical conduct or violations of law or regulations. Form and Scope of Protest. For the same purpose, "agent" shall be deemed to include not only any agent in fact of the owner of the seized property but also any person having responsible possession of the property at the missing of the seizure, if the owner or his agent in fact is unknown or cannot be reached.

Taxes and other charges due the Government. The decision of the agency is final and executory after the receipt of copy of such decision by the party who lost the case. After one year, the unused amounts in such special trust funds, except for an amount necessary to finance forced government acquisitions before the first auction of the succeeding year, shall be turned over to the Bureau of Treasury as customs receipts.

When a declaration has been presented and where the customs administration has reason to doubt the truth or accuracy of the particulars or of documents produced in support of this declaration, the customs administration may ask the importer to provide further explanation, including documents or other evidence, that the declared value represents the total amount actually paid or payable for the imported goods, adjusted in accordance with the provisions of Subsection A hereof.

Right to Search Vehicles, Beasts and Persons. It is difficult to categorize states as fully judicial or fully administrative as the process differs depending on the type of order being processed. Provided, That those foreign countries accord like privileges to corresponding agencies of the Philippines; Articles imported for the personal or family use of the members and attaches of foreign embassies, legations, consular officers and other representatives of foreign governments:Customs Administrative Order No.

3 - 10March disclosed in the context ofjudicial proceedings, and violation of such confidentiality shall be prosecuted under Subsection (j) of Section of the Philippines, as amended by RA Q13S, and may, directly or through.


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REPUBLIC ACT NO. April 27, Supervision and Control Over Criminal and Civil Proceedings. This is without prejudice to the criminal sanctions imposed by this Code and administrative sanctions that the Bureau of Customs may impose against contumacious importers under existing laws and regulations including the authority to.

NATURE OF FORFEITURE PROCEEDINGS It is administrative and civil in nature and is directed against the thing itself. (as amended by RA ): Civil and criminal actions are instituted in the name of the government and shall be conducted by customs officer.

ADMINISTRATIVE AND JUDICIAL PROCEDURE RELATIVE TO CUSTOMS SEIZURE AND. In any judicial proceeding under this section, the court may award costs of litigation (including reasonable attorney and expert witness fees) whenever it determines that such award is appropriate.

(g) Stay, injunction, or similar relief in proceedings relating to noncompliance penalties.

Administrative and judicial proceedings ra 9135
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