A review of the essay texting and writing by michaela cullington

When you find a quote, either write it word-for-word or paraphrase it on a note card. I analyzed her essay and searched for the key terms and how she implemented them into her work, a skill I achieved from the literacy narrative. Her surveys and analysis are very well written but her stance on it is undeveloped.

Aim to use your OWN words, not those in the source document. The last and final part of the course consisted of an argument essay.

I was tasked with developing a story that describes a moment of my life that changed my theory of writing. What was challenging and what support do you need to overcome this challenge?

Texting and Writing

Continuing through paragraphs four through eightI could see a clear use of Cullington siting sources to support the claim that was being discussed.

As the parent of a seventeen year old son, I see firsthand that texting is the preferred method of communication amongst teens. This simple form of research was my first introduction to researching information before writing and essay; I have been accustomed to just writing and not really looking at other works for guidance.

The discussion board was also an important part of the collaborative process. Culligton opens the door for students and researchers to navigate more thru this topic. This is not a bad thing, but it was very predictable.

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Any outcome achieved in a particular essay always in some form carried over to the next essay. The first essay of the semester was the literacy narrative.

Also, her methods of conducting information from teachers and fellow students then compared them appeared very interesting to me. Through the discussion board, every student posted their analysis of a work that we all read. This greatly helped me to write my essay.

While this communications boom has been praised for its educational benefits, some argue that a negative side effect is beginning to take hold in our classrooms. One example assignment they had the students participate in was writing about a genre which they were uncomfortable with or had not written about before.

While this essay did not require me to research academic journals and articles, it did require the extensive studying of other literacy narratives. Fortunately there is no shortage of defenders of the English language—and not only in the UK and the US.


Her bias as a student shows through her writing and she tries to prove that texting is not harmful to writing an essay. If you are using the summary as part of another paper, it is also important to emphasize what points particularly interest you. This should be the most important part of her writing but it falls short.

After seeing her give credibility to both sides of the argument, I could tell this was going to be some sort of argument piece. Dennis Baron, a professor at the University of Illinois who has done much research on the effect of technology on writing, summed it up best in his book, A Better Pencil: Ziebart in one of the following ways: These three essays consisted of a literacy narrative, reporting essay, and an argument essay; each essay is in some way connected to the next.

Literacy and Text Messaging: Some of the main points were a lack of emotion, punctuation, and grammar in writing. This first part in a three-part course specifically let me achieve the course learning outcomes of analyzing and reading a variety of genres, developing rhetorical strategies, and recognizing and practicing key rhetorical terms.

She applauds the fact that…. Cullington used sources from teachers who argued that texting lacks emotion and that many began to see a decrease in the writing abilities of students including basic mechanics of spelling and critical thinking skills.

Michaela Cullington Does Texting Affect Writing

As I said in the beginning, Michaela Cullington should have expanded her findings much more, as that is the point of her writing piece. These points clearly support that idea that texting has a negative effect on writing.

Being a very opinionate individual, this task was my main focus of the essay. Just as the expository essay, I practiced citation techniques such as parenthetical citations and a works cited page, but the argument essay introduced me to an annotated bibliography.

For example, Kate Baggot writes in the MIT-published website Technology Review [3] that text language and the mediums through which it is employed instant messengers, Facebook, cell phones are encouraging literacy among the younger generation:Michaela Cullington, “Texting and Writing” (Academic Article) Matthew Battles, “A New Wrinkle in Time” (Essay) Selling Technology (Magazine Advertisements).

Opening a Review Essay with an Anecdote Writing Introductions for Essays, Fall Rev. Summer 5 of 5 Does texting affect writing? A writer writing about the texting essay could open with a sentence that looks like this: R u able 2 read this?

The Norton Field Guide to Writing

Then, the writer could explore the degradation of language due to. *♦Michaela Cullington, “Does Texting Affect Writing?” *Nicholas Carr, “Rural > City > Cyberspace: The Biggest Migration in Human History” James Fallows, “Throwing Like a Girl”. Sep 20,  · Michaela Cullington discusses texting and how it has not negatively affected academic writing.

She does consider how it could affect student writing but uses surveys and statistics to show that it does not. Her bias as a student shows through her writing and she tries to prove that texting is not harmful to writing an essay. Michaela Cullington Professor Foss ENGLSection 2 18 April Does Texting Affect Writing Its taking over our lives We can do it almost anywhereReview policy Email this article Login required Email the author Login required About The Author Michaela Cullington Marywood University Usernbsp Cullington 1 Michaela Cullington Professor Foss ENGLSection Below is an essay on "Does Texting Affect Formal Writing?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Michaela Cullington, student of Marywood University, wrote about weather texting affects formal writing or if it doesn’t.

A review of the essay texting and writing by michaela cullington
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